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CharismaIn public speaking and leadership development circles, the phrase “executive presence” is all the rage. But what is it? And does it matter?

No one quite agrees on what executive presence means.

It’s been called “the wow factor,” which merely substitutes one ill-defined concept for another.

It’s been likened to gravitas, charisma, and dynamism, which are equally fuzzy concepts.

It’s assumed that you’ll recognize it when you see it.

People with executive presence are described as having the ability to

  • Quickly gain people’s attention and respect
  • Exude confidence, poise, and calm under fire
  • Influence and inspire others as much by who they are as by what they  say and do

Everyone agrees that executive presence is a desirable quality in a leader.

And every leader or inspiring leaders wants it.

Forbes cites a study that concludes “executive presence counts for 26% of what it takes to get promoted.”

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speech coachingGiving a speech is both a craft and an art.

As with any craft, giving a speech or a presentation follows certain rules, guidelines, and principles. They’re not absolute laws, never to be violated, mind you. Some are more important than others. But you need to learn them, even if you choose to break them from time to time.

And as with any craft, the more you practice in the right manner, the better you’ll get. (Practicing in the right manner is important, because you don’t want to reinforce bad habits.)

As with any art, there’s an element of creativity, inspiration, and — for lack of a better word — artistry that can’t be mastered simply by hard work and will power. Almost everyone — with study, practice, and guidance — can become a better speaker. But that’s not to say that everyone can become a great speaker.

Coaching can help. But not all coaching is created equal. And bad coaching — like bad psychotherapy or bad teaching or doctoring — can make things worse.

Here are Three Mistakes Speech Coaches Most Commonly Make

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