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As I read Mark Schaefer’s infographic about blogging, I found myself thinking how well they apply to giving a speech. 

For the most part, simply change “readers” to “audience,” “blog” to “speech,” and “blogging” to “speaking,” and, voila, you have 10 Maxims for Successful Speaking.

Maxim 9 needs to be tweaked a bit more: “Build rapport. The most effective way to connect with an audience is to know and care about their problems, challenges, hopes, and dreams.”


10 Maxims of Successful Blogging: Infographic Edition
Courtesy of: {grow}

Remember: Whenever you say something is like something else (creating a blog is like giving a speech), you always have to be mindful of how they are unlike.

I personally like all the maxims, but as a speaker I particularly like Number 8: “Don’t waste people’s time.” How about you?

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