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Leadership Strategy and MessagingOne of the core responsibilities of leaders is to communicate their organization’s identity, mission, and vision — internally and externally — in a way that promotes its success.

That’s why leaders speak all the time — giving formal presentations, talking at meetings, and holding casual (but purposeful) conversations.

That’s why leaders speak when when expectations are high and the consequences may be momentous — in times of crisis, change, or opportunity.

That’s why leaders speak as representatives of their organization –advocating and championing its policies, initiatives, and vision.

And that’s why leaders speak to influence and inspire others — not to communicate information.

Because so much is at stake when leaders speak, they need to be strategic.

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Writing a speechYou don’t have to be a professional speechwriter to master effective strategies for creating a powerful speech.

You already know (more or less) what works in your day-to-day conversations: how to connect, make a point, gain buy-in, and answer questions. The secret to public speaking (it’s not really a secret) is knowing how to tweak those same communication strategies to improve your speeches.

Here are 10 speechwriter secrets that will improve your speeches and presentations.

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IstockphotoGuest blogger: Cathy Bolger, Ph.D.

There are five key conflict management strategies: Postpone, Enforce, Accommodate, Compromise, and Explore.

Most people have a most preferred and least preferred strategy when handling conflict. What are yours?

1. The Postpone Strategy involves delaying discussion until a later time. At that time, you may need to adopt one of the other four strategies to manage the differences. Choose the Postpone Strategy when:

  • there are heightened emotions around the issues
  • you don’t have all the information needed

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