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Rehearsals — especially for technical presentations — make all the difference. In my opinion, you shouldn’t say anything to an audience that you haven’t said out loud in rehearsal.

Everyone should rehearse. But the real question is how. How do you rehearse a technical presentation so that you’re as clear and confident as possible?

Many of my clients — most, as a matter of fact — are senior-level technical experts: engineers, researchers, programmers and the like. And with a little help they become very good presenters.

To Rehearse a Technical Presentation

Try these ten techniques:

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In their speeches and presentations leaders have — or should have — a bias towards action. They want their audiences to do something.

I’m not suggesting that speakers should urge their audiences to act without due consideration or thoughtful analysis. Far from it. A person who moves an audience to action through emotional appeals devoid of reason or a concern for the truth is a demagogue, not a leader.

But a speaker who simply passes on information without expecting the audience to do something as a result is a teacher or a trainer, not a leader. (I love teachers, by the way. I come from a family of teachers. I think teaching is a noble profession. But I don’t want speakers to lecture their audiences. I want them to influence, motivate, and inspire their audiences.)

The question to ask, when you’re preparing a speech, is “What do I want the audience to do as a result of listening to me?”

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