Executive Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching for Leaders Who Want to Influence, Motivate, and Inspire

A leader speaksAre you a fairly good speaker, but you want to be at the top of your game?

Do you want to master not just the basics, but the fine points of giving a speech?

Does your reputation as a leader depend on how well you present yourself and your ideas?

If so, you may benefit from working with a speech coach who specializes in working with leaders.

I work with leaders and emerging leaders who want to influence and inspire audiences. And I work with senior-level technical experts who want to win people’s attention, understanding, and buy-in.

How do you choose an executive speech coach who’s right for you?

First, find out if there’s a good fit. Do you respect and trust each other? Does the coach’s approach address your needs and goals? Does the coach offer a no-charge initial conversation so you can learn what you need to know in order to make a good decision?

Second, ask about the coach’s experience and methodology. You don’t want to work with a newbie or a generalist. And you don’t want to waste time working with someone who lacks a proven strategy for getting you where you want to be.

And third, discuss practical matters. How will you work together? How often? What’s involved? And how much does it cost?

To answer any or all of these questions, contact me, Christopher Witt, for a free, initial conversation.

“I thought I was a pretty good speaker until I hired Chris to help me refine my company-wide annual address to our employees. Little did I know how fundamentally his advice would change my approach to speaking – my motivation, my message, my willingness to step out from behind the podium and take center stage. More importantly, the impact was felt by all who listened – our employees were motivated by my message like never before. The presentations became personal and easy for all to understand and act upon.”
-Gerry Salontai, President and CEO. Kleinfelder

An Executive Speech Coach Who Brings Out Your Best

Most speech coaches are little more than delivery coaches. They tell you how to stand in front of an audience and deliver your speech. They focus on how to move and gesture and use your voice. They’ll probably video-tape you. They act like stage directors and they treat you like an actor.

I take a different approach. I’m more strategic. (I’m both a Board Certified Coach and a Certified Management Consultant.)

I begin by asking what you want to achieve with a speech. And then I help you create, stage, and deliver a speech that uses your natural gifts to achieve that goal.

My book, Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint, explains what I consider the four main elements of a successful speech:

  1. A great person—because who you are is the message.
  2. A noteworthy event—because the event itself (the timing, agenda, set-up) can make or break even the best speech.
  3. A compelling message—because content is king.
  4. A masterful delivery—because delivery involves using your body and your voice to communicate your message as powerfully as possible.

I am based in San Diego, but I work with clients worldwide.

You can work with me in any number of ways, depending on your goals and on your schedule. You can work with me by phone or in person, at your office or at mine, an hour at a time over a couple of months or for a day straight.

Contact me for your free initial conversation to determine whether my approach to speech coaching is a good fit for you.